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The Ice and Fire Collective

Home of the Rabid Writing Fangirls

Ice and Fire Collective - Megumi and Aoshi
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Fans of Aoshi and Megumi exist to cause trouble
This is a community dedicated to the MegumixAoshi pairing in Rurouni Kenshin. In its inception it was mostly focused on Round Robin fiction, in which all the writers in the community take turns writing sections of a story. However, most of us writers have lapsed in our fanfiction.net posting and are either writing sporadically or privately within the community.

There are many items that are posted for community members only. So join already!

Guidelines Thus Far:
Try and keep all posts topic-related.
Please keep all NSFW posts locked and clearly marked in accordance with livejournal policies.
Please do not repost private content publicly without permission.

The Ice and Fire Collective is moderated by leilawinters and paulownia. We hope to have a lot of fun with this community!