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22nd-Mar-2009 12:03 pm - Fanfiction dot net rules?
Hey guys - reworking a drabble I had over on another account and thinking about posting it to ff.net (more to get me back into regular writing even if it's for indulging the inner fangirl).

It's been so long I had to do anything on ff.net. What formatting rules do you think I need to be aware of to avoid deletion of what I Post?

I remember there being some weird thing about linebreaks and "..." and all that jazz. Is that true?
24th-Dec-2008 05:52 pm - fiiiiiiic
Merry Christmas guys. angelthorn gave a still from the Wong Kar-wai movie In the Mood for Love as a fic prompt a few months ago, but I didn't get around to finishing the fic..... and it's still not really a "finished" story, but I'm not sure I want to develop it more, because I'm lazy. XD I went more for mood in this piece over accuracy/plot... so time period/context/story specifics are deliberately left vague and up to your imagination. Consider it more like a scene from a larger story (that I don't plan on writing) than a complete story in itself.

I fail. XD

cuuuutCollapse )
18th-Sep-2008 12:49 am - *poke*
Are you folks even watching this comm? (Some of the f-locked content has gone with not a peep from members.) If no, will not post snippets here for reading, particularly as I want to post them under f-lock while I work through the early drafts.

Affirm with a comment.
If no, I will prepare for some kind of ff.net submission under one of my various aliases XD
18th-Jul-2008 09:56 pm - Commissions from Rinoatilmitt@DA
A commission and a bonus from the very awesome and unique RinoaTilmitt.

Don't forget to poke inside the community. There are a few pieces f-locked. :D
23rd-Apr-2008 11:53 am - To Ms. Shimizu Hitomi ...
I actually would like to ask for your permission please =D
If I could do fanarts of your fanfictions

I can't get your fics out of my head
The beneath the azure skies and the Seiya No kinen
if I could just borrow them pls...

I already did Trupana's full of Grace though it made me really sad not being able to tell her first this is the only way I know to get in touch with you

thank you ...
17th-Apr-2008 08:43 pm - Hakubaikou's fanart contest
Because old fangirls never go away >-D
Deadline is August of this year. It does pay to be thoughtful, btw, so don't rush to submit.

10th-Apr-2008 10:05 pm - doodles
For some reason, these guys haven't been too cooperative in sketches lately. -_-

Copics - MegAoshi
by =s-girl on deviantART
6th-Apr-2008 12:02 am - Okay. Updated website
I finally had to separate the fics. The screen as is now is rather long even after the separation. 

    Let me know if there's anything else to keep adding... also, contemplating an image/thumbnail update, as well as wondering if anyone would like to write separate Aoshi/Megumi pages ? 
Since *S* will do doing an update in the Megaoshi site
why don't we give the flamers a chance to voice out their
opinions as to why Meg/Ao is not a good idea? I'ts just a suggestion though...
Still we have to keep them on a leash of course...
Don't welcome abrupt,highly insulting comments.
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