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Meg-Aoshi fans - do you still exist? HELLOOOOO  
29th-Jul-2013 09:02 pm
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I've recently started cleaning up my Kenshin-verse related content. Sword and Chrysanthemum moved to a wordpress delivery system. So now I'm asking if it’s worthwhile to make the transition of “Shrine of Ice and Fire” to wordpress as well.  A reason for doing so would be to build in capability of adding in new illustrations. (I have the posters for Megumi and Aoshi that were issued two years ago. Mmmm.)  The major downside is I have no interest in making anything super tumblr friendly as I loathe the shipping wars that occur there.  However, if I found out that some folks are still out there still creating content and that there’s a sizable load of fanfic to review/link and I can entice one of the old crew to help me maintain this, more the reason to shift to WordPress. Anyone?
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